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Musso 5030 Ice Cream Machine repairs

I bought a well-used Musso Stella 5030 ice cream machine recently. It is a high-end home machine, or a small commercial machine, capable of doing 1.5 liter batches. This model has several names L2 / 5030 / Stella / Pollo, but they seem to be all the same. However, at some point I was doing an ice cream that got too hard and the arm froze to the bowl. A nasty sound was heard and one of the gears was broken as the arm could freely move around in some angles. There are a number of on-line part suppliers but not much information about the machine itself on a technical level, so I thought to collect some of the notes here. US-type Disclaimer: I take no responsibility what happens to you or your machine while repairing it... General Construction The design of the machine is said (from unknown reference) to be from the 50's and has changed very little since. Not completely true, but it is a very simple design with no electronics, computers or databuses involved. 

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